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The Circle of Time

The Circle of Time All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

The past is now; the future is then and now. Yes, this is what we stated. What you know as the past is actually occurring now. Since we are the collective and accumulative consciousness of all things, once again, it is our purpose and endeavor to provide you with what you need to continue on your journey back to whence you came — us. All the things you need would include knowledge, water, food, and the like. As we relate the truth of matters to you, sometimes these truths will, of course, push your mental being. This is what we wish. Once and when the mental is pushed, it becomes engaged in a fact-finding mission; that is one of the brain's missions, and it is the way you are designed as humans.

A Deeper Look at Time

Time as you understand it to be is immeasurable; this is to say that it does indeed exist together all at once and forever. The past is now, and now is tomorrow, which leads back to yesterday. Now because time is together all at once, the increments that you have set on your home, your planet, your Earth, do not matter when we address time here. Those increments are for you to be able to, within your mind, make sense of what you have named, or call, past, present, and future.

Remember, time as you understand it to be exists equally at one time. With this being stated, you or your kind have created methods for you to be able to savor or remember certain portions of it, such as photos, calendars, and timepieces (watches and clocks). Moreover, it is imperative for all of you to begin to remember that time is vertical and therefore cannot be horizontal. This means that everything that has ever happened occurs or occurred on top of what has occurred and is occurring.