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Being the Catalyst for Free Expression of You

Being the Catalyst for Free Expression of You Rhonda Smith

This year, 2014 (25/7), brings a great deal of spiritual wisdom and connection to your natural psychic gifts because you have awakened to the spiritual truths within, which allows you to access your hidden power and knowledge of life. This gives you the opportunity to see beyond the veil — if it exists at all — in order to search for the truth of who you really are: spirit in a bodysuit having a physical experience to evolve into compassion and understanding.

July 2014 (23/5)

Underlying this entire month is energy that enables you to be two places at once, knowing you are standing on a firm foundation while you experience quickened perceptions to move through change and freely select what brings you joy. You demand that freedom and allow it for others in order to move everyone forward. Remember, this is about standing firmly in who you are while allowing others to do the same and then choosing which path, if any, you'll take.