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Appreciate the Sacred Space within You

Appreciate the Sacred Space within You Spirit of Space plus Gabriel, et al. through Arthur Fanning

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What has been the most confusing part of understanding spiritual tradition within the condition called human is the structure, and your bone is the basis of your physical, human structure. Spiritual tradition is taught in structures. You have churches. Those are your structures for what you call, in your limited understanding, spiritual teachings. Those are your structures, where you go and know that there is supposed to be a foundation of some semblance of truth there. Well, the semblance of truth is in your bones.

You are a structure. And the invisible portion of yourself — spirit force of yourself, spirit forces of yourself, multidimensional forces of yourself (all of the words that you might choose to use to define yourself in other realities, and all of this, that, and the other thing) — is here now, present in your bones. The bones are hollow for a reason. It is primarily for the accumulation and production of blood, but it is also (you might say) an organ — organ, musical organ. The bones are hollow, and as you play up the hollow tubes of your organ, it makes a sound. You enjoy your organ music, and you enjoy your flutes!