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Your Path Diverges toward the Spiritual Plane

Your Path Diverges toward the Spiritual Plane Stephanie Clement

Planets align this month with Acubens, a star in the constellation of Cancer, to indicate a direct daily path to communication with star beings and ascended masters. By July 9, Mercury will have traversed backward through the zodiac to expand the conversation to include the Sun. We know it must be important. Otherwise, why retrace one's steps?

The conversation with the universe relates to a convergence of paths from your past that now diverge into two futures, one in the third dimension and one on a different spiritual plane. The sign of Cancer the Crab suggests that we need to take a good look at our tendencies toward grasping for what we want. Crabs can lose their claws in fights over food — they refuse to let go! You may find yourselves holding on instead of allowing the flow of beneficial energy to bring what you need into manifestation and carry away that which is no longer serving you.

Letting Go: a Key to Deeper Peace

Cancer is a water sign. It reflects the assertive capacity to "go with the flow," and at the same time, it invokes the urge to grasp whatever comes our way. Let's look at what helps and hinders in this behavior. Planets in the sign of Cancer are generally capable of profiting from their surroundings. Sun-sign Cancer individuals are often highly skilled in creating work and relationship situations that bring emotional satisfaction — and money!