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You Are Ready For This

You Are Ready For This Higher Self through Mercedes Kirkel

Channel's Note: This message was given to me personally from my higher self. However, I was guided to share it publicly because it contains so much universal truth, and because many others are experiencing similar things right now and thus can benefit from it.

Blessings, my dear one. This is your higher self. I am the one who is most connected to you, most in love with you, and most dedicated to you in the most intimate way. There are others who are devoted to helping you — your angels, guides, teachers, loved ones, and higher beings who are connected to you. All are most lovingly connected to you and want to help you. But I am different because I am a part of you, your God-self part. So today I am speaking to you.

You have started to go through the ascension process for real, and it is disorienting you. This process is real and can be intense. It is not just an ephemeral, airy-fairy thing. It is about literal transformation, which includes the transformation of your physical being. You are being restructured, reconfigured, and it is affecting you at all levels. In some ways, it is like what physical beings go through when they have surgery. That is an extreme example, but there is a certain shock and reorientation that your being is going through because you are being changed — almost as if you're being changed from the outside. That isn't so; it's not from the outside. It's happening simultaneously with all of yourself, but it is foreign to you in a certain way and you're going though a huge adaptation.