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Walking in the Gold

Walking in the Gold Archangel Michael through Carolyn Ann O'Riley

Greetings and welcome, my beautiful beings of light. The Earth plane from this vantage point at times looks like a video in fastforward. The timelines continue to drop away, and the perceptions by all seem to echo that same fast-forward visual. You are feeling stressed, and some are feeling distressed.

Uncertainly seems to be the norm, and that has many off center wondering which way they need to move next. These sensations are simply bringing you back to the present moment, for in truth that is all you really have to focus on.

There are too many variable potentials that must fall into place to put you into the future. There is too much history that has not been released that continues to suck you back into the your past. Outdated history movies keep playing in your head like data loops until they are cleared. Your history doesn't drive you, and the future doesn't beckon you; it is only in the moment that you are experiencing right now that you can truly work for change and be present. The present-moment awareness is all that is real. Step into it and allow it to unfold for you.