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Recognize Your Divinity

Recognize Your Divinity Holy Spirit through Arthur Fanning

This is a Holy Spirit connection. It is giving everyone the opportunity to go beyond just the sacred into the holy, holy things that you have heard of. That becomes a dignity of self, respect for one's own divinity — not with a warlike attitude, but with the knowledge of power. That's what's coming; that's what all these winds are doing. It's consciousness.

Your thought streams are there right among you now. They're manifesting. People are thinking in the wrong direction. Think "up" and be thankful to the Divine that you are divine right now. It's really needed. You see, the only thing that's going to slow this thing down is personal recognition of divinity. It's becoming a requirement now, not a law unto any other person except you. Acknowledgement now has to take place, because the heart chakras are going to be destroyed if it doesn't occur. Homes, loss — lives are ending — and even children are getting this thing now. So personal recognition of your divinity is essential.

The proper attitude as you work through this — because you're going to work through it one way or the other — is "peace to all beings." Then you stand on that platform, and you say, "Truth to all beings." Let everyone say their own truth — whatever they think it is. You don't have to broadcast what it is. Just be in your own truth, what you declare yourself as divine truth. It either is or isn't; that's it now.