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The Recalibration of Awareness

The Recalibration of Awareness Kryon through Lee Carroll

An Excerpt from the upcoming Kryon Book 13

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. You are moving through a shift that was only a potential and that only now begins to be real. We beg for circumspection and for patience with these things.

There are some who say it would be better if we didn't tell Humans they were succeeding, for they would try harder if they were afraid. Let me ask you something, dear ones: For those of you who have children who are learning the steps of life, could there ever come a time when you might make them afraid so they would do better? The answer is no. Neither would the love of God do this. This is not false, congratulatory energy but rather congratulations for what you have accomplished, and you can see it all around you. But be circumspect, for these things happen so slowly that you often take two steps backward and then one forward. The result is that your awareness of growth is limited in perspective.

Expect the unexpected, because the old energy on this planet will die hard. Watch for those who will try to pull the energy backward and also try to include you in their plans. Your news will report these things, and it will look dramatic. You will say, "This is not the new age at all! This is the old age. Nothing has changed!" Indeed, it may feel that way. But if you believe the paradigm that you are simply going to repeat the past, then where is your light? The old energy cannot survive. It won't. The catalyst of the shift has already passed the point of no return, and what that truly means is that the old energy is going to try harder. Survival is what you're going to see, because the old energy will do anything to continue frightening you.