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The Origins of Vibrational Communication

The Origins of Vibrational Communication Papa Juan through Beatriz Jimpson

My channel and others have asked questions and been curious about the connection between us and the one Carlos Castaneda channeled, Don Juan, and they have asked if we are one and the same. It may be interesting that more than one persona would be inquisitive about this at almost the same time, but when information — including curiosity — is thought or spoken of for an extended time, it is immediately recorded in the field and accessible by others. Therefore, it could be picked up by others with similar vibrational curiosity. What we can tell you about our connection is that, even though we are not the same, Don Juan was part of our vibration.

Don Juan had very different origins from ours. Unlike us, Don Juan was a human being at some point prior to being a teacher to Carlos Castaneda. He taught Carlos many things that were relevant to that time in your progress as humans, and you have now progressed beyond the need for that type of guidance. Don Juan, through Carlos Castaneda, was a great teacher who helped in the growth of human consciousness in a way that no other did and could only have been taught through the vibration of Carlos.

Since that time, the awareness and degree of awakening of humans has developed exponentially. Everything is accessible in the light of consciousness and does not need to be controlled by rules, strict standards of conduct and dress, or processes that are hierarchical and dogmatic. Now is a time for you to be your own teachers. You learn what you can from teachers and move on to something else. There is no need for a master who guides your every move, decision, and act. You are your own master and have the discernment to know what is best for you. Yes, there is still wisdom in a multitude of council, but you make the final decisions for yourselves.