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A New Approach to Meditation

A New Approach to Meditation Zi'antha through Wendy Zellea

Meditation has become part of the spiritual practice of most lightworkers. Usually, it involves setting aside a time and a place where you can quiet yourself and totally focus on the moment with your eyes closed and particular attention focused on the breath. This practice has produced wonderful results in those who devote a portion of their day to leaving the world behind and focusing on the now. For you see, dear ones, when you are in the moment, you are truly alive and clearly connected to the multidimensional aspects of yourself and universal consciousness.

Traditionally, meditation has been done apart from daily activities such as work or even recreation. Your eyes close, rhythmic breathing begins, and your energetic vibration rises. For centuries, spiritual people have endeavored to meditate in this manner, but the time has come to expand from practicing meditation to living it every moment with eyes wide open. In this new age on Earth, we are creating a new reality — one that requires full attention. This is not to say that traditional methods of meditation are no longer useful, quite the contrary; but why stop there? Yes, meditation was learned in a particular way, but practices and beliefs must be updated, just like software on computers.

Many people do not like change. They are comfortable with things the way they are. But nothing remains the same, especially in this day and age. Almost as soon as a new way of thinking emerges, it becomes outdated and replaced by another, more relevant one. In the post-2012 era, ascension is occurring more rapidly than ever. One must learn to adjust very quickly, for the alternative is to struggle, and we see that on a daily basis.