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Much More Than Meets the Eye

Much More Than Meets the Eye All There Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be through Elliott Eli Jackson

We first must reiterate to you whom and what we are. We are the totality of everything you see and don't see. We are, simply put, everything. We are the consciousness and the unconsciousness of you and all matter. We are the total body of it all. This includes you and all entities who may be currently speaking to man- and womankind and/or your other brothers and sisters in any universe, parallel or otherwise. Everything that is channeled comes from some piece or portion of us. Yes, you may find this difficult to wrap the mental portion of your wonderful being around; however, it is true. And of course, the truth will set you free.

The Universes are Expanding and Contracting

Please, now ponder this: Since the split, everything is expanding and continues to expand. Now the kicker is that everything is expanding to contract. Therefore, as all expands, it is in fact also decreasing and returning to us, the Oneness.

The abovementioned information is for the mental portion of the human brain to begin to assimilate and process. More information will be given to all of you soon. There is only so much information that can be introduced to you at this time in your existence, due to your limited knowledge and vocabulary. Yet the good news is your remembrances of your vocabulary as a race of people in connection and correlation to ours is expanding each and every day. This is due to the rising mass consciousness. Of course, we will send to certain ones of you the best and proper interpretations for the breakdown and layman's understanding of such in the very near future, as you understand that term.