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Manifest Your Dreams

Manifest Your Dreams Rhonda Smith

In the quarter starting in July 2013 [22], you begin with the vibration of the master builder of the material plane, so realize that your dreams can be manifested. Remember, if you don't have a dream, you can't have a dream come true. This can be another intense month that will assist you in seeing the colors of life. You'll be offered experiences that will require you to see the larger picture as well as the completed project. Be concerned with putting God energy into structure and tangible form. What you receive depends on the use you make of your power and compassion. The goal is to take and build your part of the universal wholeness of the planet.

July 1 to July 6, 2013 (18/9)

This is a time of unfolding and completion when much is required and much is given. Be aware of the new insights and vision being formed in your mind and take them to the highest source so they work for the universal good of all humankind. Allow these ideas to germinate, and use your power and authority to use these concepts for the new projects ahead. However, be sure you have completed the necessary requirements — that is, don't forget the details. Leadership is very much a part of this vibration, so remain receptive and listen to your intuition with your yearning for peace to give you direction in this process. Remain centered and you will influence the lives you touch. Your goal is to use all your abilities to lead humankind into an undersatnding that life is all about the flow of giving and receiving.

Tuesday may be a tad intense since your awareness of and sensitivity to what's on the surface will be intensified. The energies of the master builder of the physical plane are repeated and intensified, so use these to do some serious building in your life. Monday reminds you that the adventure involves freedom and change. On Wednesday, you'll be asked to work on blending the physical with the spiritual. Thursday is about manifesting yourself. On Friday, you have an increase of the week's energy of unfolding and completion in balance. You end the week with the energies to help you take all those ideas and crystallize them into a direction.