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From a Light in the Sky to the Solution of a Great Mystery

From a Light in the Sky to the Solution of a Great Mystery A Polite Philosopher through Robert Shapiro


Yes, welcome. Thank you. So you're interested in who was on the vehicle in the photograph, eh?

Yes. Have we ever talked to you or anyone on your ship before?

No, never.

Good, good. Can you tell me about yourself?

We are not like you. We do not look like you. We are not humanoid. We have more legs than you have, and we look like … how to describe it in your terminology? I don't think you have a being living on your planet now who looks like us. We are four-legged and have "appendages," I like to call them — parts of ourselves that can move in and out. I suppose you have that too with your tongue that can move in and out, so you understand what an appendage is in this application. I think I'm going to have to change my voice. The channel cannot hold this voice pattern that long. So I will do that gradually.

We do have heads; we have eyes like you do and a mouth not unlike yours, but we don't look anything like you, and that's as much as I'm going to say. We don't have tails — I'll say that many of your people [animals] on the planet have those. We are not water beings; we are beings who are totally unused to water, which is part of the reason … we were over the water, and we had never seen so much water in any one place before. Your planet caught our attention because of the blue. We didn't know what it was. But we went down for a quick look, and we were just astonished. I think that the water, the amount on your planet, is more than we have ever seen, except for a few planets in the Sirius — as you call it — star system. So this is incredibly rare.