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Lead with Love

Lead with Love Gaia through Cristi Jenkins

Dear ones, I want you take a deep, deep breath with me, deeper than any breath you have ever taken. Breathe it in through your heart and allow the energy to gather into the area of your lower abdomen. Breathe and then allow the feeling of deep connection to expand around you and deep into your body. Feel into it and allow the movement to fill you with sacred connection. Know that this energy is at the root of your existence.

Feel the love that is you, that is your neighbor, that is the beautiful soul who plays the role of the beggar on the street corner or of the drunken driver who spends her time in jail for causing an accident that took the life of a child. Some may ask how the Creator asks you to love all people, extending compassion to everyone. How can you possibly do it? Yet do your great religions not teach that the Creator loves all people unconditionally? Why have their beliefs encouraged the opposite? The truth, dear ones, is that all are equally loved by the Creator, regardless of their actions, regardless of their beliefs.

It is time to forgive, to begin to put aside the labels and ways of separation that prevent you from seeing others as expressions of yourselves, as fellow humans — expressions of beloved souls having human experiences — to ask why differences must be feared and used as a reason to push away from the other. You are all family. The heavenly councils are calling each of you to become and to embody the heart of love — not tomorrow, but today in this moment.