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Keep Moving toward Ascension

Keep Moving toward Ascension Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

My dear students, here we are, entering the second half of 2013. Is it not amazing to have come through the first half of the year? With the recent summer solstice, another power point was reached for anchoring in the new age. As a planetary whole, we are now firmly established in the new era. As some of you are discerning, a powerful energetic connection was forged by planetary consciousness that linked the winter solstice of 2012 and the summer solstice of 2013. Indeed, these were pivotal points for solidifying Earth's entrance into the new planetary cycle.

The amazing vortex of energy — indeed, the energy of new beginnings — that opened near the South Pole during the past winter solstice has been pouring out new planetary frequencies for the past six months. During this time, Earth's electromagnetic field has been infiltrated with and encoded by the frequency of new beginnings. The recent summer solstice marked the point in time when that encoding was complete.

Many of you have no doubt sensed the presence of this added frequency within the electromagnetic field. For some of you, the physical body was the primary sensitive zone for receiving the energetic gift. For others, the past six months may have brought turbulence in either the emotional or mental body — or perhaps both — as you experienced the new frequency directly. Either way, the call for transformation has not missed so much as a single living being dwelling on Earth. Some of you may have noted some unusual episodes with your pets as they too experienced a frequency not familiar to their little energy systems. The opening of the vortex was simply Earth's way of responding to the direct operation of the galactic source.