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Hold Others in the Light of Ascension

Hold Others in the Light of Ascension Aquarian Masters of Light through Judith K. Moore

As children of the new dawn, you should greet every day with the knowledge that the new dimension of light is accessible to you. Gaia herself has integrated the vibration of the Aquarian light. From her sacred source, she gives forth the formulas of light for life on this planet from the source of her soul, from the essence of her creation. The formulas that manifest the Aquarian dimensions of light are actualized. The living Earth herself feeds on this vibration, receiving manna and giving it forth as life-giving energy for the planet to be restored.

Those of you who have felt the rhythm of this new dimension of light may feel that you are swimming like a dolphin in a golden sea of love. You have opened and prepared yourselves as Aquarian souls to cocreate with this powerful force of creation that is of the source of oneness and the dimension of the New Earth.

Now is the time when the split between the worlds is so evident and your history must be released with love. You will no longer be able to live by the old standards of oppression, controlled by guilt and fear. If you choose to engage in those limiting belief systems and let them become your dominating thought-forms, there will truly be an incongruent energy. You will feel more out of balance, and for a time, this is important because your feeling state calls you to make a change in your limiting belief systems. The Aquarian light is a force of creation all about limitless love.