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Evolving through the Molecules of Love

Evolving through the Molecules of Love The Sage Council through Jonni Gray & Cheryl Rose

We are so glad to be with you on this day that we're dancing and celebrating! We are surrounded by light. You are surrounded by light. The lights that are surrounding us all are prisms — rainbows of light. They are shimmering blue, pink, white, silver, and gold. Shimmering, shimmering light representing the lightness of being and the evolution and elevation of energy as you are moving to the next level of expansion in human form on the planet at this time.

We see all humans on the planet at this time making evolutionary choices and making the shift to the next level of consciousness. They are doing this by making decisions and choices now out of a sense of urgency and out of a gentle poking from the universe. The universe is gently poking, saying, "The time to evolve is now." Your commitment to the next level of evolution is needed now, and humans are going through individual experiences of evolution.

The universe or God is represented as molecules of love. Think of every planet. Think of every sun. Think of every star. They are molecules of evolution that represent the universal being, or as some would call It, God. Think of this God being as replicating itself in the form of a planet, star, human, or animal. Every form of being is a replication of God or the universal energy. When thinking of it this way, there is no way you cannot know that as humans, you are God; you are the universe. You are replicating the potential of universal energy.