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The Chrysalis

The Chrysalis Germane through Lyssa Royal Holt

Greetings to you! The theme for tonight is 2013 and beyond. That is a rather broad theme, but we chose it because there was so much focus on 2012. There was some fear, some excited anticipation, and lots of curiosity. Those of you who are sensitive to the flows and cycles of energy have noticed that there has been an energy shift since December 21, 2012. We are going to address that tonight.

A Quick Review of the Recent Energy Shift

First, we will give a very short synopsis of some information we have been sharing with you in past sessions so that what we are about to say makes more sense. We want you to understand the importance of what is happening energetically for your planet at this time.

One of the ways to look at what is happening on Earth now is with the following information. Much like the planets in your solar system rotate around your Sun, your solar system has a cycle too. It has a cycle that moves it above and below the arm of the galactic disk. The whole cycle is 26,000 years. (We are really shortening this information here.) That means that your solar system spends half of its time below the disk and half of its time above the disk. (13,000 years in each location).