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Staying Centered in 2012

Staying Centered in 2012 Vywamus through Sheila Simon

Welcome, my friends. This is Vywamus speaking. Humanity is evolving at a rapid pace, so hold on for another shift in consciousness through June, July, and August. As the solar energies expand and affect the magnetic fields of the Mother Earth, your nervous systems, chakras, and auric fields will be expanded to a new level of energetic frequencies. You will be experiencing this new configuration of healing energies day and night as the entire planet is being rebooted.

Adapt, Calm, and Center Your Core Essence

Your sleep patterns will be full of light, fast-paced images that will prevent many of you from moving into a deep state of REM sleep so your brain frequencies can be repatterned. This will affect your nervous system and chakras, causing them to rapidly expand and contract with these new frequencies and encode a new vibrational level of communication between these systems. Staying centered within these new frequencies may be challenging at times, so I will be sharing with you ways of adapting, calming, and centering your core essence.

By the time you read this, Mother Earth will have already gone through this process and be calming her energetic pathways. Holding an intention of connecting with her energetic core on a daily basis or just standing barefoot on the Earth will immediately pull you into your center in a calming and energizing way. Eating organic root crops — carrots, beets, and potatoes — that hold these new vibrations can also help, as long as you do not overcook them.