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The Spirit of Planetary Becoming Is Calling

The Spirit of Planetary Becoming Is Calling Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, we come together again as we officially begin the second half of this year. For some of you, the first half was a bit of a roller-coaster ride. You may have noticed that life, at times, has an interesting way of revealing points that need clarification or deeper understanding. For some of you, these months have challenged you more in the financial area than any other area. For others, this time was about reviewing your important relationships, perhaps even making some important decisions as to what the future of some of them hold for you. Still others found that their basic workaholic tendencies were exacerbated as life dealt more cards than could possibly be played. For most of you, it has certainly been anything but a boring year thus far!

The Opening to a Potential New Reality Is Almost Here

In last month's teaching, we closed by looking at the beginning place for moving toward ascension. You were asked to use a practice helpful for ascending beyond the grip of the ego mind. To some of you, this seemed like a step too small to bother with. Others of you actually tried the practice and learned that perhaps you have more choice and power in those areas in which the ego holds court than you previously thought. Congratulations! Perhaps you awakened to something that is vitally important this month. With attention to the process and a little applied effort, you can take charge over your demanding ego! Is this not great news?

As the remaining half of 2012 comes into focus, what do you think you will face? At a personal level, you can expect to continue your work on the "clean-up committee" within the self. It is likely that you will all have the opportunity to move deeper into your spiritual work as well. I say this because the world is already drawing from the coming energy that will "officially" open on 12–21–12. While much has been said about this as an astrological event, it is probably wise to see it less as a single event and more as an opening to a potential new reality. In truth, the escalation in planetary chaos and the breaking down of systems heretofore believed to be indestructible is clearly pointing to something big.