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Sorting through Negative and Positive Emotions

Sorting through Negative and Positive Emotions Dwahl Khul through Catherine Weser

I would like to know about this: The emotional body, as you said, wishes to experience all, and there seem to be positive and negative things to experience. Maybe that isn't the correct terminology. For instance, hate as an emotion has a very negative connotation. You stated that we all want to experience ... I'm having a hard time defining the question here, but the point is that there's negative and positive. I guess I always thought about trying to bring in the positive things in life instead of the negative things. Are we supposed to equally emote? On both levels or what?

Let us discuss this for you. The question is about negative and positive emotions. We can discuss that very specifically and perhaps that will be of use for you. The emotional body wants to experience. It wants to have every experience it possibly can. You understand that the emotional body is motivated to experience all degrees of energy, no matter what they are, yet certain specific vibratory frequencies of energy feel certain ways.

Imagine that you are a child. You have no evaluative understanding of your emotions. You simply feel what you feel. At one point you taste chocolate, and it's delightful and it's wonderful. At another point, you taste rutabagas and they're bitter and difficult to eat because they're stringy and chewy. Appropriately for what people have taught you, you say, "I hate rutabagas." Does that make you somehow a bad person for having that experience of disliking the taste, not enjoying it, because you experienced "hate" — abhorring the rutabagas? Or is there some kind of information that you received in that authentic emotional response to that experience that is of use and value? Would you limit ever trying another food because you might possibly hate it? More likely you know that you're probably going to try other foods. You're probably going to hate some and love some others.