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Shamanic Wisdom: Staying Focused in Our Right Brains

Shamanic Wisdom: Staying Focused in Our Right Brains Jan Engels-Smith

Look for the Deeper Meanings of Your Dreams

Dreaming is a state of awareness that is mainly right-brain. In a dream, we know that things are magical and spontaneous and don't seem to follow the logic of cause and effect or the natural laws of three-dimensional reality, such as gravity, speed, and force. Dreams can be representative of the instant manifestation qualities of right-brain function. To dream is to manifest and create in a different dimension. Think it and it has the potential to appear. Of course dreams are also complex and often involve subconscious or latent fears that lie in the murky waters of the conscious mind and, when given the opportunity, rise to the surface with sometimes haunting exposure in our dream state.

However, I would like to focus on the magical and creative sides of dreams. Dreams blend event to event, are often out of timeline order, and don't necessarily make sense when we try to explain them. Often people will excuse the craziness of them by dismissing them as "only dreams." We expect them to be whimsical, nonsensical, mystical, magical, and wild, but we should pay close attention to the possible meanings that they impart and to the visions that they create. They enter through our right brain and we need to ponder them beyond the simple analytical efforts of the left brain if we hope to discover their deeper meanings and messages.

Dreams help us to understand that there are actual dimensions of reality where physical laws are not defined as we normally perceive them, or where such rules are suspended or nonexistent. Metaphysically, dream messages come from a different place — the fourth and fifth dimensions.