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The Resilience of Earth

The Resilience of Earth Sanat Kumara through David K. Miller

Shalom. Greetings, dear ones, I am Sanat Kumara. I am sometimes known as the planetary logos, or the overseer of the planetary operations. It is true that Earth is in a transformational moment. We should all be aware that at a transformational moment like this there are many vulnerable points, many trigger points, that can set great upheavals in motion. Sometimes a planet has great defenses and great resiliency to withstand these upheavals.

Earth has shown great resiliency. There have been, in the past, mass extinctions. There have been, in the past, mass upheavals. Some of these upheavals and extinctions are very dramatic. The one I know everyone is aware of is the extinction of the dinosaurs that is linked to the downloading of a meteorite that struck the Yucatan Peninsula many millions of years ago. Yet, even with such catastrophic events, Earth has demonstrated a resiliency, and life has returned to Earth — even in higher forms. So, we must acknowledge that this planet, known as the Blue Jewel, is a resilient planet that has great recuperative abilities. These resilient and recuperative abilities have already been exhibited in the past, because there have been untold extinctions already on this planet.

You Are Living in a Time of Mass Extinction

Imagine all the destruction of the planet, even if everything stopped right now. Imagine that the destruction of all of the forest and all of the fish stopped, and imagine that the air was not being polluted anymore. If all this destruction stopped today, historically, this period known as the 2012 era would still be considered a time of mass planetary extinction. That means that you are living on this planet at a time when mass extinction is now occurring. You may not even have that much of an awareness that you are existing at a time of such extinction. But it also shows you the resiliency of this planet, because, despite already experiencing such mass extinctions, this planet still is able to hold its feedback-loop system together and maintain a consistency that allows the biosphere to continue at a relatively balanced, homeostatic state. This balance and this resiliency are still being exhibited now in 2012. There have been many dire predictions of catastrophic Earth changes. I know that many of you are already frightened about earthquakes in Chile, Mexico, and many other places along the Ring of Fire. And there are great fears of more tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, violent storms, extreme temperature changes, and erratic weather patterns.