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Particle Streams: Learning to Look Up

Particle Streams: Learning to Look Up The group through Steve Rother

Channel's Note: In this message, the group is showing us some of the adjustments we still have yet to make as we build a new world. Here they talk about a new paradigm in which we learn to stop looking down to get an overview and learn to look up at what is directly coming at us. The most important ability humans have is the ability to adapt. In this channeling, they say that there will come a time when we stop teaching our children what is right or wrong or even presenting material that has right or wrong answers. We will, in fact, teach our children to make good mistakes. Have a great month and know that you are loved.

Greetings from Home. The vibration that is in this room as we say those words is the vibration of Home, dear ones. When you hear those words, you anticipate what is coming next and you expect a miracle. The moment creators expect a miracle, they create a miracle. You have only to walk into it from this point forward. We find it very interesting that we begin this discussion about a birth, because both sides of the veil and both transitions — birth and death — are incredibly important.

On planet Earth, you fear the transition of death and yet you celebrate the transition of birth. There is nothing wrong with that, dear ones; just understand that we are on the other side of the veil doing exactly the opposite. For us, the most difficult transition is that of birth, for it means a soul is pretending to be separate. But re-member the joy you have of celebrating a new birth, for that is exactly the joy that we are going through as we receive a new soul Home in the process you call death. As they return to us, we celebrate them coming Home, charge them, and send them off on a new journey to collect more information.