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July's Journey from Chaos to Peace

July's Journey from Chaos to Peace Donna Taylor

The first week of July confronts us with the results of our actions from June, which was, as you may recall, a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We're not quite off the rollercoaster yet. In fact, it won't be until the last week of the month that peace, harmony, and stability will be restored. But it's worth taking a leaf out of the Chinese book when it comes to their philosophy that chaos contains opportunity.

Finding Opportunity in Chaos

July has within it a fair amount of chaos, and therefore a lot of opportunity for success, positive change, transformation, revolution, and exhilarating developments. First, though, there's the little matter of the full moon in Capricorn on July 3 in a stressful alignment with the Sun and Uranus. This is likely to bring about power struggles, willfulness, and resistance to change. However, this combination of planets requires us to let go of the old ways of doing things and push forward toward the new. Jupiter's harmonious link to Mars amplifies the need to reach out, expand, and be daring in attempting to push beyond the old limitations. For some people, though, this plutonic full moon will take us into the realm of Hades. The occasional visit to the underworld isn't to be feared, however, as a bout of deep introspection can bring about wonderful insights and personal revelations. So if you happen to be feeling out of sorts around July 3, it might be productive to venture down into your own personal underworld and see what you can find.

Guilt can be an emotion that appears around this time, and if you have any regret over past actions or remorse over how things have turned out, then now would be a good time to examine your "stuckness" and see if you can find a way to liberate yourself from the emotional quagmire. It is also a very real possibility that recent dramatic events in the world could be having an emotional impact on many people. These are certainly stressful times in which we live, with dramatic events occurring with ever-increasing frequency. For this reason, I recommend limited watching of the news and reading of newspapers since the media drains our energy and keeps us in a state of anxiety or sadness.