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Incoming Energies and Their Effects on the Body

Incoming Energies and Their Effects on the Body Amma the Divine Mother through Cathy Chapman

Many of you have healing to do in the area of food. Food is a comfort or socialization for many of you. Some of you associate food with negativity. You can handle these things through encodements, soul healing, or any other kind of healing you would like to do.

One reason it is difficult for you to let this go is that you do not know who you would be if you did not eat in this way, look this way, or feel this way. Some of you have what we can call hidden reasons, so there could be unintended consequences of eating the way you know you are to eat and feeling the way you know you would like to feel. There are unintended consequences to that, and one of them is that you would have lots of energy within your body. So there is no excuse not to do some other things you might want to do, and that includes relationships. When you don't have the energy to be open to a relationship, you will not be hurt within that relationship, correct? Think of your body as a vehicle you have been borrowing that now needs different fuel. Here are some challenges for you.

One of the challenges is the food being manufactured for you does not contain the nutrition your body needs. Each one of you, according to your body and what you believe you need, should find supplements — natural supplements — that would do well for you. Natural supplements are those that come from food. Think of it that way.

Cleanses Are Good for Your Body

Another thing you can do is to look up the various cleanses in the wealth of information you have on the Internet. I will tell you that the first cleanse all of you should do is a colon cleanse. Why? Because your colon is cluttered and filled with things that prevent your body from absorbing that which your body needs. When you cleanse your colon, you will also be cleansing your small intestine, which absorbs all the nutrients that are there. That is where you get the nutrition when the nutrients are absorbed from the small intestine. When your small intestine is compromised, as most are, you need to take in extra nutrition. Seek out a good source and be faithful to it.

Once your colon is cleansed and clearing out on a regular basis, the next cleanse you should do is one for the liver/gallbladder or kidney/bladder. Look for one that also cleanses the blood.

When you do these cleanses, do them with joy. Consider doing many of them. You will discover that the cravings for things that are not nutritious for your body will disappear, because included in many of the cleanses is a nutritional program that will fill your body with nutrients. When there is a craving, it is the body saying it is not getting the nutrients it needs to work best.

As your body releases all the toxins held within it, you will discover that low-vibration emotional energies will come up to be released. With the liver, yes, anger will come up. Fear will come up when you cleanse the kidneys. Remember to just breathe out these emotions to release and transmute them.

As you do these cleanses, discover what your body needs. Each of you needs different things. Some of you do need flesh because of what your body needs nutritionally. You will actually need much less flesh as you cleanse your body and listen to what it needs. This will happen when your body is stabilized in what it needs.

Why are these cleanses important? Not only are your energy bodies rising in vibration, but your physical body is also raising its vibration. When it is heavy with low vibrations, it will hurt more. You will have gas and bloating. Your joints will start to hurt even more. The aging process will speed up in many people because, due to their low vibrations, their bodies cannot handle the energies coming in.

Remember that you always have a choice about doing what we recommend. There is no judgment on what you do. We advise simply to provide you with knowledge for other options.

Begin to Remove Your Implants

It is important to continue working on your emotional healing program. Those feelings, those cellular memories, are within your cells, within your organs, within your brain. When you release those low-vibration energies lodged within, your body will be lighter because even energies take up space. People will often say they feel lighter, calmer, and more within their bodies.

Many of you may not be aware of what are known as implants. Implants can come from a number of things. They are energetic structures. They do not have a life or consciousness. Think of them as batteries or transistors or like pacemakers to keep something regulated. Some of these implants you chose to have placed within you before you incarnated to regulate the amount of energy coming in. It is now time to remove those implants. You may find someone who knows how to do it, and you can also do it with encodements. Those you placed within yourself are the easy ones to remove.

There are also implants that come in from other sources. We're going to call them intergalactic implants. They can be those you've agreed to as well as those you have not agreed to. Their whole purpose again is to hold down your vibration.

We, the one I speak through and I, were having a discussion with someone whose spirituality is very much that of the Roman Catholic Church. We chose to speak of implants in a more Christian tradition, and we will do that now. Think of implants that came from outside of you as a darkness whose sole intention is to prevent your light from coming out into the world and shining throughout the planet. When those implants are removed, your light will shine more fully.

There are some implants that keep your body craving things it does not need because they will decrease the light coming forth from your body. This one I speak through, for instance, knew she had to change the amount of sugar and carbohydrates that she ate. When she finished this most recent liver cleanse, she found that many of the cravings for sugar and carbohydrates were gone. Now she is learning how to manage the portions she eats and to eat regularly throughout the day. I know many of you do skip meals. You get so busy you do not stop to eat. It is important for you to remember that your body needs regular nutritious fuel. It would do well for you to have something several times a day and to manage those portions, eating only until you feel satisfied — not full.

Stick to Natural Substances

Your body is using a tremendous amount of energy assimilating the higher vibrations coming in. Thus, the body has less energy for digestion and you end up with indigestion. Some of you are finding your abdominal area is more extended than what it has been. Some of you may need to take these supplements known as probiotics. Some are in yogurts, but there is a lot of sugar in yogurt, and the sugar-free kinds have things in them you do not want to have in your body. Anything that is not from a natural substance has to be released from the body by the liver, and it takes energy to do that. That which is very debilitating to your body is what you find in any sugar-free drink or food.

I suggest you do not fall into the trap of what is called no-fat or low-fat. Very often sugar will be used to make up for the taste. Learn the types of fat that are good for you. There are good fats. One of them is butter. One of them is coconut oil. Others are olive oil, sesame oil, and grapeseed oil. It is, of course, better if it can be organic, especially with seeds and olives, which have a very thin membrane or skin that can easily absorb any pesticides.

How can you be sure you will eat food that does not have pesticides or preservatives or things like that added to it? You can't. Even if the label says it's organic or pesticide-free, you can't be sure. Does that mean the situation is hopeless? Of course not. You bless your food. You talk to your food. You fill your food with love and you give thanks for it and for all those who served to bring it to your table. And you talk to your body. Simply tell it there is food coming in and you want your body to assimilate everything it needs for its nutrition, and to release through the bowels and bladder anything it does not need. It does not need to keep any toxins whatsoever. If there is anything the body does not like, tell your body to release it. That is all it needs to do.

Learn to Ask Your Body What It Wants

So, dear ones, as you are working to adjust this part of your life, which in many ways is filled with guilt and shame, understand that there is no shame and you are no less spiritual. Often women feel shame if their body is larger than the norm. No matter the size or shape of your body, there is no shame. All I am doing is giving you strategies so your body can navigate the incoming energies. When you find yourself in anger, fear, frustration, shame, anxiety, guilt — these are areas of healing. Take that opportunity to heal your emotional self. I have nothing but love for you — nothing at all but love.

I would like you now to think of one thing you could change with regard to what you are bringing in to your body. You can make it a small thing, if you would like. You may decide to add another meal because you're only eating one meal. If you have four diet sodas a day, you may decide to cut down one. Then later on, cut down more, weaning yourself off. It doesn't matter what your choice is.

Move toward a body filled with energy, filled with power, filled with flexibility, filled with comfort. Don't worry about what you are leaving behind or go into fear about what happens if you don't do this. Stay focused on what it is you most desire for your body. When you plan to eat something, ask your body if it is something your body would like. The answer may be "absolutely not." Let's say, for instance, it's a tomato and when you ask your body, you feel somewhat uncomfortable. For one who loves tomatoes, your tongue might be saying, "Yes, yes, yes." But the rest of your body is saying, "No, no, no." Then select something else. The next time you want a tomato, ask again. Your body may say yes this time. It is all about listening to what your body is saying.

And it is all about knowing that you are precious beyond words. You, my dear ones, deserve to have the energy, health, and flexibility that you would like to have. It does not matter what you weigh. All that matters is your energy, your health, and your flexibility. I will take some questions now. Anyone?

Yes, I have a question. I have been suffering from what we call allergies. I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the energies or if it's just too much pollen.

It does have to do with the energies and it also has to do with the pollen. You'll feel a bit better in a while when the pollen is down. It also has to do with what is happening within your body with regard to your immune system being overactive. You would do well with drinking more water. Bless that water before it goes in and program that water to tell your immune system exactly what you want it to do. Programming your water changes its crystalline nature and its message to your immune system is that pollen is not a danger. It is just there and it will go away. It will produce wonderful trees and plants and it is not a danger to you. That will help some also. You may already know this, but when you eat honey, be sure it is from this area. That will help more next season than this.

Avoid Minor Injuries through Your Heart Source

I have a question. I have been physically injured in minor ways, some my own fault and some by others. I'm wondering how to view this. I'm generally conservative and careful, but it seems I'm always getting hurt. Is it my work or do I just have to be more careful? How should I look at this?

Instead of addressing how to look at these minor injuries, I'm going to give you a way to avoid some of them. One of the things I see is that you do not remain grounded all the time. Have you imprinted the heart source within yourself yet?


Good. Several times a day be very aware of the heart source, spin your chakras, and expand the energy around you. That will actually keep you from some of the little injuries that are occurring. Another thing is encodement work. Are you familiar with it?

Yes, I love it and I do do it.

Do you hear your encodement technicians well?

No, I don't hear them, but I know they are there.

Okay, you can feel them. Some of these injuries you're having are actually due to a past life. I would like you to go deep within yourself and ask to be taken to the lifetime in which an energy is interfering with the energy of the present and is attracting some of these slight injuries. Then do encodement work with that. And be sure to ask if those energy encodements were placed within you for a particular reason and if they are still needed. If not, ask that they be totally removed from you. Are you familiar with the soul-healing prayer?

I do know about it, but I'm not that familiar with it.

You can email this one and she will send you a copy. Do the soul-healing prayer and ask the soul-healing angels to find and bring back to you any pieces of yourself that are missing that have anything to do with the attraction of these energies. Follow that little process.

Okay, perfect. Thank you.

Wonderful question. There are many others who have the same or similar concerns.

Healing with Castor Oil Packs

I would like to know what you think of castor oil packs.

Castor oil packs are one of the marvels of science. Too bad science doesn't believe in them, isn't it? Yes, castor oil packs are excellent. You do know not to use heating pads on them, do you not? The heating pads made now have such an electro-magnetic field that it interferes with your body. Use a hot water bottle. Castor oil packs have a tremendous effect on helping to cleanse the body. This one I speak through puts a drop of castor oil in each eye at night because her eyes are so dry. One of her clients has been doing that for a while and she is finding her glaucoma is disappearing. Another client places castor oil packs at night on her aching hips and finds there is no pain in the morning. Another person has been rubbing castor oil on a daily basis into moles, going 100 times in a clockwise direction and then 100 times in the opposite direction, and the moles have been falling off. Another person used that same method on a skin cancer. It took a number of months, but he did it every day until the cancer fell out. It left a hole the size of a quarter in his face but he healed that with castor oil and there is absolutely no scar.

Some of you may be familiar with light therapy. That is also a wonderful thing to do. If you are familiar with homeopathy, use that. Use herbs. Use energy medicine. All of these are wonderful tools.

Every Part of Your Energy System Has Encodements

I am aware of the energies coming in and what I've noticed is that I can barely sleep at night because the pain in my sacroiliac becomes very great. I'm wondering if that is my sacral chakra needing healing or if it's from the energies coming in.

What do you think it is the most? What do you feel it is the most?

Well, I feel it's mostly the energies coming in because it shifts from one side to the other. It's in my masculine side right now. I thought I cleansed all of my chakras, but maybe there's something hiding in my sacral.

Yes, the energies coming in are surfacing things. I want you to work on the back of your sacral chakra and go level by level. There are eight levels. It doesn't matter where you start. Just pick a level and ask that each level be cleansed one by one. You can do encodement work on each of the petals. I call the levels petals. You often see the chakra associated with a lotus flower and its petals. Just ask if there is any damage within the petals. Many people don't realize that every part of your energy system has encodements also. Ask if there are any artificial encodements on the first level of the back of the sacral chakra interfering with it being whole. Then do the damaged and altered ones.

Ask if there is anything from another lifetime that is interfering. You could have swords there or spears or rocks or all kinds of things from other lifetimes. If so, ask specifically to have those removed. Ask to have all the artificial encodements holding that in to be deactivated and deleted. Also ask to have the damaged and altered natural encodements holding that in to be repaired and reactivated. Sometimes it will help to do soul healing on that particular event even though you don't know what the event is. Those who are more sensitive will have an image come up, so they will know if it's a sword, an arrow, a rock, or something else. You don't even have to know that. For some of you, especially for healers, it has to do with the inquisition. Does that help?

Yes, it definitely does. This is all new to me, so I took notes and I will definitely do it.

Good. The encodement process is on the website It does not contain, however, past-life information.

Thank you so much for everything.

And I thank you because when you are releasing and healing yourself, you are also healing the planet and everyone else. You don't see what happens as those energetic ripples move outward and outward. You think you are doing it just for yourself, but you are not.

I'll intend the highest good for all.

That's a wonderful intention. One more question.

Alternate-Hand Journaling to Help with Anxiety

I am having an experience I've not had before. I'm traveling to Mt. Shasta in California this weekend for vacation and a spiritual retreat. I'm experiencing an intense anxiety, which is new for me. What suggestions might you have? I've taken notes on what you said today. Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Here's a very simple thing for you to do because the anxiety is coming from deep within you and also from outside you. You are going to have an amazing spiritual experience there. There is an aspect of you that is concerned about this amazing spiritual experience because you have had them in other lifetimes and been killed for them. This is something you — all of you — can do with anxieties and fear. This one I speak through teaches this. It's called alternate-hand journaling. Sit with paper and a pencil — not a computer. Ask a question of the anxiety and use your nondominant hand to get a response. Keep asking back and forth, back and forth, until you come to what it is. Remember that the anxiety is not part of you. Start talking to that anxiety. Say, "I know you're not who you want me to believe you are. I know you are not a part of me." Breathe it out as much as you can, and do encodement work. Continue doing it.

I missed some of the earlier discussion, so maybe you talked about something like what I've been having for the past month, which is extreme fatigue. I feel that it's energetic, for sure. I've been doing clearing myself and with some friends who are spiritual as well. I'll have a few hours of relief and feel normal, but then it's back.

You are one who needs to do some really strong physical cleanses, such as those we talked about earlier before you were with us — liver cleanses, kidney cleanses, things like that. The energies coming in are very strong, and right now, they are almost assaulting your body. Changes are happening and the more you release low-vibration energy from your body, the easier it is for the body to make the necessary changes. When your body is of a lower vibration, it takes much more energy to make those changes. The physical cleanses will assist. You indicated your friend sent you information about this gathering. Ask her to send you the link to hear the whole message when it's posted on the website. You can also sign up to be on the email list any time you wish. When you do these cleanses, they bring up several things. It helps to cleanse the body, cleanse the emotions that are going on, and it helps you continue your work.

My blessings to all of you. I am just going to wrap you in love. Focus on your heart center right now. I am pouring love into your heart right now. I want to remind you that unconditional love means there are no conditions to it. That means it doesn't matter if you use any of the things said today or not; my love for you does not diminish in any way. So, precious ones, I leave you now and give you my blessings.