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Human Evolution and the Three Eras of Zeta Consciousness

Human Evolution and the Three Eras of Zeta Consciousness Sasha through Lyssa Royal Holt

Is humankind educated and evolved enough so that the gifts that the Zeta Reticuli have given to us through their contacts are something that we can work with in a new multidimensional way?

The Zeta energy is returning in a very different way. For those of you who remember the contacts from the '80s and '90s, the Zeta energy was more fearful — abductions and trauma. However, as you see when using the Galactic Heritage Cards as a model, there are three primary eras of Zeta consciousness that have something to do with your galactic history.

Three Primary Zeta Eras

The first Zeta era had to do with a dying civilization and the emotions of fear, survival, desperation, and so on. The first group of Zetas who were contacting humans were from that era. Thus, because the contacts are a mirror, they triggered panic, fear, and trauma for humans for the higher purpose of processing and releasing that trauma. That was the first era or phase of Zeta contact. This was the phase when humans helped the Zetas even though, for the most part, humans were not always aware that they were helping.