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Getting to Know the Real You

Getting to Know the Real You Merlin through Miriandra Rota

Well now, here we are once again to chat a little and to bring forth those topics that you have roaming around in your wondering, just beneath the surface of your beliefs. Yes, my dears, out with the old and in with the new, as you have the phrase.

Your Developed Beliefs Interpret Your Experiences

As you are well aware, you have been resting on certain developed beliefs — beliefs that have served you well. I am not criticizing your beliefs one iota; your journey has proceeded within those beliefs. What do I mean by those words? As you journey along, all that comes to your awareness, either consciously or unconsciously, is filtered through your beliefs and understandings. Your experiences are filtered through what you call your "take" on things, and then the interpretations of your journey's experiences either fill you or deplete you. Ah! Isn't that the case?

You might be wondering why this continues, even when you are changing the choices that are made along the way, even when you have decided to attract to yourself different experiences, and even when you have meditated and cleared your own unnecessary mind clutter. So then, my dears, what is going on? Here's the answer: There is a vibrational frequency that resides within the conclusions and further developed examinations that have led to beliefs. That vibrational frequency remains just as it was when the journey's cause and effect occurred. What does that mean?