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The Gateway of December 2012

The Gateway of December 2012 Simion through Amariah Mara

We are Simion, the evolutionary collective. Now that you are well on your way through the year 2012, what will the last fated month, December, mean? What will happen in this month that has played such a significant role in predictions of Earth and humankind's future? We wish to give you much to play with on this note and let you know what we see from our seventh-dimensional perspective.

We have already informed you that December 2012 is a marker set by time travelers, many of whom are alive incarnate today on Earth. Your soul may have been one who was involved in placing this marker into the historical records. Or you may be a star seed who had an influence on those making the discovery of the astronomy or astrology relevant to this time period. And now, all of you living today are playing a role in the outcome of your December 2012 destiny.

A Marker to Awaken You to Your Opportunity

There needed to be a message through time to awaken you to the opportunity for your ascension. Many cultures have predicted there would be a generation of change and enlightenment of some sort or a doomsday scenario. But little was pointing to when this might occur in your future. Thus the marker of December 2012 was set so that you would look to this time and awaken to the potential of the era that would follow.