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The DNA Factor: You Can Change It

The DNA Factor: You Can Change It Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling

Good evening. Tonight we are addressing DNA and how you can change it. For those of you who do not know, your DNA is six feet of energy that resides in all seventy trillion cells of your body. Your DNA holds a lot of power because it houses your blueprint. In this dimension, you use only two strands of DNA, but in truth you have twelve strands in all. As you shift from the third dimension to the fourth, your DNA will expand to four strands. If you have healed or in-lightened your beingness enough in the fifth dimension, you may be able to access all twelve strands.

If you want to expand your DNA before the shift, you will have to tone, or Aum, and work with the blue color of truth and the green color of love where the magic is. To awaken your DNA, you must tone with intention, expressing your vowels and sending the energy into the pineal gland and throughout the body. Most of you have four strands of DNA available now and they are color-coded, so to speak. Your first and second strands are black and gray and the so-called shadow strands just behind them are silver and gold, with the gold being predominant. The silver strand is the color of mercury and the gold is the gold of your spirit-self.

That should provide just enough information to make sure you have questions. So that is my opening statement. Let us get on with the questions now.