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Creating with Joy

Creating with Joy Rhonda Smith

July 2012 (30/3) You begin this quarter with the vibration of celebration, acknowledgment, and acceptance of the rewards received for work well done. These energies bring clarity to any situation so that you can complete it in joy, happiness, and fulfillment. This brings you expansion, growth, and abundance. Your creative self-expression brings you the ability to reveal your fondest hopes and dreams. Your goal for this month is to accept that it is all right to love pleasure; in fact, it is that pleasure and joy that provides the source of your creativity.

July 1 to July 7, 2012 ([22])

You begin this month with a week of underlying energies of the master spiritual builder on the physical plane, giving you experiences and opportunities to "walk your talk" and be in joy in your mastery.

You begin with a day of intensified master spiritual builder energies, so pay attention to the large, sweeping terms of your thinking and pay attention to anything that gives you the sense of restrictions, for these must be examined so you can build a firm foundation for the future. Then you move to a day where you are standing on your firm foundation so that the strong sense of adventure and change can help you to move forward. Increased sensitivity to what lies beneath brings you inspiration as long as you tune into your inner awareness, so take command of your inner world and you will gain command of your outer will. The master spiritual builder energies are underlying this sensitivity to assist you in taking the necessary action to build upon your foundation. Now is the time to reflect on and access your own power and knowledge, so visualize what you want and go into a reflective state so that your inner voice will be able to give you directions. You move to a day of abundance and free-flowing energies of affluence with much spontaneity, so stay on your toes and examine any life details brought to your attention so you can reap the rewards of your efforts. You then have another day of reaping rewards and at the same time preparing for new adventures, so interact with others while maintaining harmony and peace and you will receive guidance.