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Bringing Divine Energy into Your Lives in 2012

Bringing Divine Energy into Your Lives in 2012 Gabriel through Riz Mirza

I am Gabriel. There is an angel among you and within you, in every one of you. In your greatest vibrations and hopes, in your ambition and your dreams, you may find him or her emerging from you. This may happen when you gaze at your child or another's or when you gaze on yourself with the greatest compassion that you can muster.

Releasing the Angels within You

In your darkest hour, in your time of need, you find this angel within you. And many of you reach for the heavens — the other realms — to bring forth this divine energy into your lives so that you might find your way in the darkness, led by light from an angel. And so some of you wonderfully and innocently venture forth into this darkness hoping and praying that the light that you are following and feeling is the correct one — the one that shall lead you to your destiny.

While others tell you that your journey itself is more important than your destiny, for some beautiful and strange reason, you cannot seem to accept this. For at times the fruition, the completion, is far more important to you than the process. Ah, the process — the one of healing. You say to yourselves when you are ill that you are ill, you are diseased. And yet the beautiful and sacred vessels that you refer to as your bodies are doing their very best to recover, to heal, to become your highest selves, and to reveal the angels within you.