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The Blue Jewel Is Sacred

The Blue Jewel Is Sacred Juliano through David K. Miller

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. It is part of your evolution to assist this planet. It is part of your mission to be here on the Blue Jewel during this time, during this great time of planetary transformation. You, the starseeds, have chosen to incarnate at this time. There are many reasons why you have chosen to be here. For some of you it is part of a learning experience. This means that there are certain lessons that you have come here to learn. Others have also come here to provide assistance to the planet. This assistance can be on many different levels. For example, it could be on the level of providing assistance in consciousness. It is required that a certain core group of people attain a high level of consciousness. When a core group reaches this level of consciousness, then a great assimilation, a great expansion of that consciousness, will become anchored into humanity. There is an effective method for anchoring such a level of consciousness in humanity. And that method is based on the contribution and participation of a certain number of people. It is required that these people are able to hold a consciousness, transmit that consciousness, and manifest that consciousness into reality.

A Planetary Consciousness

The consciousness we are talking about is a planetary consciousness. This planetary consciousness is greatly assisted by the modern technologies that have emerged in the past twenty to thirty years, or even forty to fifty years. Most of you are participating in this computer technology. Also, the fact is that man has gone to the Moon and has learned to create and transmit a new perspective of Earth that never before existed in the history of modern civilization. That image or perspective, of course, is the image of the Blue Jewel, planet Earth as it is seen from outer space. That image is so central to the upliftment of planetary consciousness, because now it is one of the primary methods for communicating with the unconscious and the subconscious of the Earth. This process exists in your personal transformation, and it also exists on a planetary basis. You are able now to have the imagery of the Blue Jewel embedded in your personal unconscious, and you also can anchor it into the Earth's unconscious, superconscious, and subconscious.

The Earth is a living planet. The Blue Jewel is a living planet that has a fantastic range of responses. Think for a moment about a series of events that must occur in a galaxy in order for a planet to create a biosphere that can hold light and life. There are billions of stars in this galaxy, and there may be an equivalent number of solar systems, and there have already been 400 to 600 planets discovered. Yet, even that large number of discovered planets has not provided any proof that there is life on those discovered planets. This is because there must be a certain relationship between a planet and its sun for life to start. The planet can't be too close to the sun, but it can't be too far away. The planet must have a moon, because the moon sets a counterbalance gravitationally so that the planet can have a certain amount of rotation on its axis. There is also a necessity for other planets to exist in that solar system. You have, for example, Jupiter in your solar system. Jupiter is providing a great shield for the Earth from comets and asteroids that come into the solar system. If Jupiter were not in the orbit that it is in, then it would not be able to be the great shield that she is for protecting the Earth. Remember, it was only perhaps eight years ago that the Shoemaker-Levy comet struck Jupiter, creating an explosion that was comparable to the size of the entire Moon and perhaps the size of Earth. If such a comet passed Jupiter and came to Earth, then all life would be destroyed.