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Be Responsible for Yourself

Be Responsible for Yourself Metatron through Lois Noonan

Greetings! Metatron wishes to share with you. You are such blessed souls and we love you dearly. You know we never give up and we are asking the same of you.

What is it that keeps you engaged? Do you recognize our energy of love? Are you looking for ways to raise your vibrations? Are you preparing for ascension? This is really all there is — love and ascension! All this keeps you on your learning curve, so to speak. It is not a bad place to be, but making progress is much more fun and definitely more rewarding. What, deep inside your heart and soul, might still need a little adjustment upward? Oh yes, every living soul creates miracles and progresses. But what, deep inside yourself — forget all others — is still unclear, a little hazy? Perhaps even hiding?

Be ruthless with yourself, dear ones, and for a brief moment take the blinders off. If every soul on Earth was already perfected, Earth would be in a different realm by now. This is not a chastisement or even a criticism. It is a statement of fact that we hope you will choose to act on. It is definitely your choice, dear ones, as God will be around forever. But here and now is a special moment of opportunity.