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As You Move through the Shift

As You Move through the Shift Kryon through Lee Carroll

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. There are those who would say it should take longer for the Human Being in the chair [Editor's Note: the channel, Lee Carroll] to assimilate that energy that would be Spirit. They say that in order to have this energy encompass his or her body, to have a confluence of energy that is remarkably like the higher self, it takes longer. And we say to you that this is the way of it in this new energy. You're looking at it.

There's an old paradigm of linearity that says that you worship and pray in specific times, and you play in specific times. This is compartmentalizing God, isn't it? What if you always had the higher self ready to go? What if you carried it around at such a high level that it became you? What if every word you spoke came right from it? Every time a Human Being looked at you, you would have compassion in your eyes for him or her—compassion for those who argue with you, those who call you names, and the authorities you don't like. How would you like to be able to look at them and first see compassion, then disarm everything else that happens emotionally? So when I sit in the chair, I have instructed my partner to become compassionate for all, and it allows me to come in instantly. And here I am.

There's a tradition that when I sit in this place [Channel's Note: Gaithersburg], I provide a summary of what is happening on the planet. So I'm going to follow that tradition. Some of the things that I am going to tell you and discuss with you now, I have said recently before on other continents. Some I have said even on this one. This will become, however, a summary of things grouped in a new way so you can hear them together.