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Shine the Light of God

Shine the Light of God Archangel Michael through Mercedes Kirkel

Hello beloved, I bring you my greetings and my blessings. I am Archangel Michael. I am here with you tonight because I am so moved by what is happening with all of you and so many beings at this time. As you have heard, as has been told to you by so many, this is an amazing time. And truly, it is so.

Things are changing and evolving and transforming at an amazing level. And all of you are experiencing this in different ways. All of you—not only all of you present here tonight, but all beings on the Earth at this time—have different levels of awareness and different ways that this is manifesting and coming through in your lives. Of course, not all are aware of this, because there are many different levels that people are operating on.

The Emotional Roller Coaster of Recent Times

You who are here—the ones who are tuned into the light, the ones who we call the lightworkers, the guardians, the legions of light—you are the leaders. You are the ones who are leading the way. You are the ones who chose to be here, who answered the call to come at this time and who responded. Many of you do not remember that, because when you incarnate into this place, there is a veil of forgetfulness. But you truly chose to be here. You have been preparing for it for a very long period of time, and it is a wonderful service that you are offering. It is for your own growth, your own soul evolution, but also for so much more than yourself.