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The Polarity Reversal Affecting Men

The Polarity Reversal Affecting Men Grandfather through Robert Shapiro

All right, this is Grandfather. Now, there is an issue going on that especially affects all men. This is something that affects the male of the human species. This could be a baby, a youngster, a teenager, an adult, an elderly man—all of these beings— and to a lesser degree, a significantly lesser degree, the feminine. It hardly affects women or girls at all.

So men, listen up. Right now you are all experiencing a polarity change, whether you believe it or not. Part of this polarity change is causing you to be very nervous and edgy. Have you noticed lately how short-tempered, how argumentative, and how edgy you are when people talk to you? This is happening even with good friends, best friends, wives, lovers, girlfriends, whatever. This is an outer expression of your discomfort with this polarity reversal.

You are experiencing a rise in the feminine energy on the planet on a physical level. Let me explain some of the qualities that this will demonstrate in your body physically. If you have, your whole life, been right-handed or—how can we say?—felt more on your right side when doing things, you will now have a desire and even feel like you ought to be doing things using your left hand or, generally speaking, the left side of your body. You're going to notice that if you allow that to be, you'll notice that you'll be able to experience the subtle things in life much more, subtle things that you may have been missing. I'm not saying you should stop being right-handed, but I'm saying that if you begin to use your left hand, your left arm, your left leg, or the left side of your body, for more things, you notice the subtle experiences.