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On the Matter and Meaning of Prophecy

On the Matter and Meaning of Prophecy Onereon through Jeff Michaels

As above, so below. The future holds great interest to many beings. Often it is simply a desire to know that life will be safe and secure for the individual and their family, or tribe. This is not a worthless concern. Much information can be gained simply by observing the natural world and the patterns found therein. Time spent in contemplation can allow a person access to wisdom. This is not something limited to only a few beings. It can be experienced by every single conscious being in existence.

Often while spending such contemplative moments, you may find information that seems to have no point of origin— knowledge that previously you did not possess. With practice, this can occur with regularity. It is a tapping into the greater consciousness of Source. There may be within these times a transcendence of gravity, a sort of rescinding of time to a person's vision. It is during these moments that other times and potentials can be revealed. The appropriate term for this is "prophecy."

Yet prophecy is not a vision of actual events. Rather, it is a sight of potentials and sometimes probabilities of what may come about, the end result of actions taken. Yet actions can be altered and results can be changed.