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God Is Growing and You Are the Gardeners

God Is Growing and You Are the Gardeners The group through Steve Rother

Greetings from home, dear ones. This room is full of love. The energies that you have brought around you are transmitted to every being around you when you smile, gaze at another person, or simply reach into another's energy field.

Changing the Future and Loosening the Reigns

Know that much of your own structure has been changing. Today we wish to share with you more ideas about what is happening to the human body, for the giant leaps you are now making are changing your vibrational range very radically. The path of evolution typically moves forward very, very slowly, and it takes some rather drastic upturns as it reaches the end. Those who work in the light are on the express path.

It was only a short time ago that we walked you through the different stages up through the 121212, but events have sped up quickly, so we are already working beyond that. We are already starting to share with you what will be necessary to walk into this new energy and create it in the way you had hoped, so it can support not only your current physical being but your new energetics. The new capabilities are reaching well beyond your own physical being and energetic structure. You have worked very hard to start releasing the human template you have carried. Many have done it consciously, some have done it unconsciously, and others are still hanging on to their templates. There is no race, for this is not to see who can do it the fastest. Let us now tell you what is next, because we have been a little vague about that part.