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Experiencing the Cosmic Whole

Experiencing the Cosmic Whole The Beings Andromeda through Akkaakze

Beloved, we greet you today in your abundance of love and peace. May grace enter your being as we visit this day together with you in your Earth plane. You have been sensing a gradual shift occurring on your planet Earth. Many things you once took for granted are crumbling all around you, and you sense fear and discord within your being and without. Trust us, beloved, that the changes you witness today will bring forth peace and love in the coming months.

Your Inner Self Is Reaching Out

In your personal life, you may feel a restlessness like no other. It is as if your energy center is vibrating at a higher level than what is normal for you. It is nothing to fear, beloved, for this energy center is in contact with the universe. All is well, as all is evolving. And your inner self is reaching out now for the cosmic whole.

You may ask, "What is this cosmic whole?" It is the entirety of eternity—past, present, and future—that is encapsulated within the universe that sustains you. The cosmic whole is where we live and belong, yet many are not fully aware of this reality or open to it. It is multidimensional and open to those who are ready to merge with it.