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Elements are Becoming God Particles

Elements are Becoming God Particles Council of Indigenous Tribes through Carol Sydney

Greetings, children of light. Once again we have the pleasure of speaking with you. It is to your advantage that you prepare for the coming changes in thought, form, understanding and light. It is only when you open your mind/heart union that you can see what is ahead for all beings now living on Earth, your precious mother. She delights in your new growth and can even taste the coming onslaught of understanding flooding into your new systems of thought and the dropping of all superstition, fear, and unconsciousness. It is pure joy to witness!

Remember last month when we told you we would be speaking of new things in science? Well, the time has come to reveal information previously withheld from you for the purpose of giving all who desire to join in the reeducating of your minds and the uploading of new information. Many of you will experience this as a feeling of dej?u or remembering the future. Is it not so?

A Grand Shift into Consciousness for All the Elements

Your periodic table of the elements is in for a grand shift. We have spoken to you before of this, but we have not gone into any great detail. Now you are ready for more. The molecule of hydrogen is moving into a superconscious state of being. Do you believe it? Yes. Your entire periodic table is based on the simplicity of this one element: hydrogen. It is simplicity in form. Get ready, because all of the other elements you know, plus dozens of undiscovered ones, are going to be joining it in a cascading reaction to being offered consciousness. Did you think only humans or only humans and animals would be offered this choice? All conscious beings of which Earth is made will be offered bliss forthwith.