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Dream Zone

Dreams are the eyes of our minds.
—Genevieve Bouris

Dear Dream Zone,
I dreamed that I was at work finishing up my paperwork at the end of the night and a pair of my pants and socks were on my desk. I tried to hide them before the next shift came in and saw them.

—Diana, 25, Antwerp, OH

Lauri: What are you wrapping up in waking life? What is coming to a close? Is there an issue or a decision you feel you have finally "worked" out, hence the dream's reference to work? Your pants are your ability to be in charge, to "wear the pants" in a certain area of your life, possibly in a relationship. It seems there is a need for you to assert yourself, but you are afraid to. The socks are your ability to be comfortable with putting your foot down about this issue or decision. It seems that your dream is showing you that you certainly have what it takes to do this.

Diana replies: My mother-in-law watches my son during the day. I want to find a new sitter because I don't feel I have any control over what he is exposed to. My mother-in-law watches her other grandchildren as well. She lives with my husband's brother, wife, and kids, so it is very hectic there and I feel the children are rude. I'm afraid my husband will be upset with my decision.