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The Day that Nothing Happened

The Day that Nothing Happened Oceanna through Hannah Beaconsfield

We are Oceanna, Pleiadian priestess. This description does not refer to a religious position. It is the best way we can define our energy and our areas of activity. We wish to give you a view of the current situation in your progress toward a new consciousness-density level.

Suprising Resistance from the Dark Side Over the Last Decade

We will confine ourselves to the accelerated period of time in your recent past, starting with the fall of the twin towers on September 11, 2001. This point resonates with ending duality. The last ten years have been marked by a tremendous increase in extraterrestrial activity surrounding your planet, reflecting the way you rally around the areas on your planet that have experienced disasters. The Samaritan impulse is programmed into your species to ensure its survival. It is similarly reflected in your family units in order to ensure the survival of your gene pools.

Your extended intergalactic family has been rallying around you to support your transformation. The opposing factions within your Earth population have also stepped up their activities. Not since your world's inception have there been so many lightbeings in residence here. The dark side, which must relinquish its power and become integrated, is increasing its activities in response and hanging on with a degree of tenacity that was not expected.