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Crucial Conversion Experiences

Crucial Conversion Experiences Master Djwhal Khul through Kathlyn Kingdon

Beloved students, it is once again my utter pleasure to greet you as a new month dawns. Half of 2011 has passed into oblivion, although the many powerful events that arose in six short months will be remembered for some time. Because it is my job to do so—and because you need to be reminded often—I must here ask you a pertinent question: What are you learning? With the planetary "plate" so full, what are you extrapolating from the critical nature of present global events, the sheer number of circumstances that require your spiritual attention, and the compression factor of event falling on event after event?

The Potentially Overwhelming Compression of Current Events

As I survey the minds of global healers, lightbringers, and seekers of truth, I notice there may be a tendency to feel overwhelmed right now. Of course, this is certainly understandable. As we noted last month, the sense of how time passes appears to be warped for many people. Additionally, many of those who are actively engaged in bearing high witness to Earth's process and its cost to her children are also experiencing bouts of feeling overwhelmed.

In truth, the sheer magnitude of planetary events is amazing to behold, particularly as the transformation process grows in intensity and scope. While it is important to remain engaged in this process, it is also important to maintain equanimity and serenity. Indeed, one's spiritual focus may feel pretty thinly stretched if one remains open to all the complex global events that seem to pound the human psyche so soundly.