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Claim the Hard-Won Truth of Who You Are

Claim the Hard-Won Truth of Who You Are Lady Portia through Star Hinman

Realize that you are the author and creator of your personal reality. No one else has power or influence over you—unless you allow it! So many of you give away this divine right that belongs to you and is intended for your use. You give it away because you will not claim it out of the mistaken belief that power is bad or somehow evil. It is the subconscious memory of your misuse of your true power that causes this difficulty for you. But it is no longer necessary to continue in this way, as a mere shadow of your true selves.

Realize that you are sons and daughters of the most high; you are not worms in the dust to be manipulated or controlled by others' ideas, false concepts, and outright manipulations. You must throw off their mistaken attempts to control you and throw off the yoke of dictatorship in your own personal lives, even as your forefathers threw off the yoke of tyranny.

This will no longer be tolerated in present time, because you are all too far along the path to continue to allow this, dear ones. I bring this knowledge to your conscious minds so that you can think and consider the truth of this and remember my words. You just need a little encouragement from time to time to be who you truly are, to be all you can be, and to bring the highest version of yourself that you can reach into the physical plane.