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Birthing Yourself into Unknown New Realms

Birthing Yourself into Unknown New Realms The Divine Mother through Miriandra Rota

I am the Divine Mother; that is, I am your Divine Mother, and I flow forth to speak with you on this occasion for several reasons. However, my primary reason is to remind you of who you are.

While you have been given the words wondrous and amazing and magnificent—all of which are apt descriptions—I would speak to who you are in my knowing. You are not only my children birthed forth of me; you are still children. Many, if not most of you, have been journeying through many lifetimes and many dimensions of discovery. Some of you consider yourselves to be what you have called old souls. Some have considered yourselves to be teachers, healers, lovers of humanity. Yet in all of your journeys and manners of discovery and what you call spiritual growth, you are still children.

Children of the Universe, Your Innocence Has Been Restored

Now I will speak of a part of your histories that perhaps you have not heard before. I say to even those of you who are considered to be old souls that you are at the very beginning of a new manner of living, perceiving, discovering, and creating. While it is true that you are the old souls on the planet Earth, you are but children in the universe. Some have lived a mere 20,000 lifetimes. I do not speak these words to diminish your accomplishments, for they are great.