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Align to Divine Energy

Align to Divine Energy Master Kuthumi through Lynette Leckie-Clark

My greetings to you as I enter your energy fields once more through my words and my essence. In this meeting between us, I ask you to pause, simply feel, and ask yourself where your thoughts and feelings are. Are they in a flow, like a stream of peaceful energy, or are they jagged and in conflict with the divine flow of vibrational energy? I remind you of the power of your thoughts and how they go forward to create an action, whether a positive or negative intent is attached to them. The action, of course, is decided by the intent that you used in your thoughts.

Controlling the Ego and Embracing the Grace of God

If you are living with the conscious awareness of the divine spark of light within you, then your thoughts must also be in alignment with divine energy. You would have therefore created a wonderful alignment of your physical, mental, and emotional bodies, for it must be so. And also remember that, as this level is reached, the ego self is also held in check—held in control by your awareness.

In your current time, humankind is facing its biggest challenges— controlling its ego self and embracing the grace and peace of God, the Source. Indeed, humanity's goal should be to seek earnest alignment with divine energy. The way to accomplish this is to function, think, and feel through Christ's heart energy with the same love and compassion that he had. Christ led the way over 2,000 years ago.