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Adventures for Children

Adventures for Children Lynne Cox

Lilac Adventure

Walking along, you smell something absolutely divine. Turning around, you find that this wonderful scent is all around you. You call to Angel, "Can you smell this?"

"I can and it's divine alright!" Angel replies.

You look around to see what is blooming, and you spot a purple lilac bush. "Oh here you are," you say to Lilac as you put your nose right into Lilac's flower, taking a huge sniff. "Your smell is so soothing I feel like I am in heaven. Angel, you have always taught me to take deep breaths to calm and relax myself. Taking a sniff of Lilac really seems to calm me too!"

"You've discovered another secret." Angel replies.

"That what we smell can help us too?" you question.

"For years people have used plants to heal, and Lilac is just one of them."

You plant your nose once again into the flower, inhaling its beautiful fragrance one more time. "I'd love to have Lilac in my yard," you tell Angel.

Just then you see a black and white bunny disappear under the low, green branches of a large tree. You run around the tree filled with excitement, hoping to get another glimpse of the bunny. But no bunny is in sight. Turning around, you laugh in delight as you see a whole family of bunnies hopping and jumping in the tall grass.