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Your Light Is Changing This Dimension

Your Light Is Changing This Dimension God through Liane Rich

For the most part, you do not believe that you are God or even that you create. It is difficult to comprehend something that does not seem at all familiar to you. You have entered such a dense dimension that it has caused you to completely block out all memory of your past. This is similar to being born: You forget living in your mother’s womb and your arrival at birth even though you did, indeed, live within the womb of your mother.

If there were a way to remember what it was like living in that womb, I’m sure you would enjoy that memory. In the same way you would enjoy that memory, you can also enjoy your memories from living within the God force. You are most happy as you float around within God and are aware that you are part of God. Then, as you begin to go unconscious to enter the Earth dream, you slowly erase your knowledge and awareness of who you are. This is necessary, because you are entering a dream world, and to dream, you must be unconscious.