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You Are the Trailblazers of 2023

You Are the Trailblazers of 2023 The Collective Soul Consciousness through Carolyn Gervais

In a linear duality, life offers humanity knowledge as energy, which could be called glimpses of wholeness. As you expand your inner awareness beyond what you presently know as personal and spiritual sentience, the crystalline essence in your DNA is activated. This takes place as you remember your connection to the wholeness of the universe. At first this is not conscious, but nevertheless, it is taking place as your physical, mental, and emotional body adapt to accommodate the power of your expanded light.

Imagine that your crystalline essence looks like a crystal ball inside of you. This crystalline ball of essence keeps expanding from the inside out until it encompasses the outer and inner world and merges as one. You as a physical being are wholeness in the form of a human body that represents the physical, material aspect of the universe.